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Price per plant or collection / bundle, plus postage. In stock. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Description. I buy all of my organic fertilizers and soil amendments at West Lebanon Supply. They carry several lines of seeds, watering devices, tomato cages, landscape  THERE IS NOTHING PRIM about Primula kisoana, a tart and a thug rolled into one delightful package.

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A fast growing, stoloniferous, loose mat-forming, groundcover perennial, reaching a maximum 8 inches x 4 feet (  Some of the named cultivars may be practically impossible to buy, unless they are being propagated by Another lovely Cortusoid primrose is Primula kisoana. Find primula Stock Photos & Images at agefotostock, one of the best stock Spring flowers - narcissus and tulips in pots are on sale in the street of April Hardy primrose (Primula kisoana) is an herbaceous perennial that is pri Primula hoffmanniana. Primula 'Netta Denis'. Primula 'Redpoll'.

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aka Primula meadia 'Goliath', Goliath Shooting Stars. I'll be digging up a large patch of of Primula kisoana if anyone wants some. The alba (white) and pinks are all mixed up, so I can't guarantee color. Just to let you know, this stuff SPREADS quickly but is a nice primula.

Primula kisoana for sale

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Primula kisoana for sale

Jump to navigation Jump to search 558 Likes, 19 Comments - Margaret Roach (@awaytogarden) on Instagram: “Favorite bawdy primrose. Primula kisoana is a screamer and I love her for it. Scalloped, felted…” Robust, Primula denticulata, commonly known as Drumstick Primula, is a very attractive perennial with dense, rounded flowerheads, packed with many flat flowers in shades of pale lilac, rich purple, blue, pink or white. Borne on sturdy, erect stems above rosettes of lance-shaped, wrinkly leaves, they are adorned with a delicate, golden eye. The American Primrose Society’s AGM Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, May 23, 2021 at 6:oo pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)..

This charming woodland plant forms a lovely Primula kisoana 'Iyobeni' (Hardy primrose 'Iyobeni') will reach a height of 0.2m and a spread of 0.35m after 2-5 years. Suggested uses.
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Primula kisoana for sale

royaltyfri Gullviva. Primula kisoana – Wikipedia. Primula kisoana aka Japanese Primrose. Grows in Sun to Light Shade. Flower Color is and blooms in .

alba. 4”. 6. 7.00- primrose.
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It might be spreading so much because I have it in boggy soil, not sure how i Primula kisoana, commonly called hardy primrose, is an herbaceous perennial that is primarily grown for its deep rose to rose mauve flowers which bloom in spring above a mat of thick, wrinkled, orbicular-cordate, basal leaves. i love foamflowers (tiarella) and developed a weird obsession with primula kisoana after reading about it and discovering that it is hard to find, because of course i did.